Free time & Activities

Our Weinberghof is the ideal starting point for hiking, cycling excursions to cities, museums and more. Here are some suggestions!

For young and old

  • Sports and Adventure Tramin: 5-minute walk
  • booking a carriage ride through Tramin
  • mini golf course: a 2 minutes
  • Three tennis courts: 5 minutes walk
  • beach volleyball courts: 5 minutes walk
  • Bowling at one kilometer away bowling club
  • keep-path (above Tramin until after Kurtasch)
  • Kaltern: 10 minutes by car (you can swim, paddle-boating, surfing and much more)
  • Birds of Prey flight show in Dorf Tirol
  • Stroll through the arcades in the old town of Bolzano
  • Visits to the spa town of Merano

Hiking Tips

  • Monte Roen, 2116 m
  • White Horn, 2317 m
  • Rittner Horn, 2260 m
  • Mendel Funicular
  • alpine hike of Aldein
  • Walking around Lake Kaltern
  • Rastenbachklamm from Kalterersee to Altenburg
  • gorge in Alps, the Grand Canyon of Europe and part of the Dolomites Weltkurturerbe
  • Climbing in Altenburg

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  • cycle network Adige: not far away is the South Tyrolean cycle network connection
  • Bike Park and on Geschicklichkeisparcour Kastelazweg
  • Guided bicycle tours of various tourism associations or private individuals offered

For another tips just visit the following Link

Museums and botanical gardens

  • Traminer Village Museum
  • South Tyrolean Wine Museum in Kaltern
  • Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano: visit “Ötzi the Iceman”
  • Mountain Museum “Firmian” in Sigmundskron of Reinhold Messner
  • The Botanical Gardens Castle Gardens